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Read the latest information that has just arrived from Jeanne Ames the 15th Insight

The information on this website is a result of 20 years work in the field of, healing and of interaction with beings of the highest frequency in Absolute Truth, Divine Love, Light and Integrity.

Where scientific evidence is available, it has been referred to, and some of the material herein was "sparked" by books, that the author Jeanne Ames, had never read in entirety, but in a couple of pages sparked a question within her own free will.

Her Angels and Masters then taught her and answered the questions that the books brought up for her. The Author retains copyright of her own work and accreditation is given herein for all books that have contributed to this piece.

The Ten Insights are taken from the film the Celestine Prophecy for further evaluation read The Tenth Insight, Holding the Vision by James Redfield.

Please read and enjoy Jeanne's explanations and happenings at this very crucial time in our new approach to awareness and contact us should you have any information to add to the site that will assist other visitors on their journey to enlightenment.

Scientific Relevance to these Insights 


UTube video various experts explaining about the Universal Conciousness

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